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Robin Payne

Podcast Co-Host, Content Contributor

Robin grew up in a family that moved a great deal. By the time she entered high school, she was attending her 15th school. There was one constant in the moves - faith was a non-negotiable to her mother. The priority in each new city or state was finding a new church. Robin’s mother did not feel bound by a denomination; she felt bound by Christ. So, Robin experienced multiple denominations in each place until a “fit” was found.

As often happens during the teenage years, Robin rebelled against the church. Instead of listening to the sermon each Sunday, she spent her time copying the notes written in the margins of her mother’s Bible. Week after week, thinking she was being rebellious, God was getting Robin into His word and His word was getting into Robin. 

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Leaving home to attend the University of Georgia ushered in a time away from the church, until later Robin’s daughter began asking questions that made faith and answers a necessity. Robin’s family began attending church again and it didn’t take long to recognize God’s hand working in those in-between years planting seeds deep in her heart.

After growing more comfortable at church, Robin enrolled in a 34-week Bible study called Disciple. Her life was never the same and God called Robin into full-time ministry. After much prayer, Robin followed the call and left the corporate world. 

For 10 years she served as Adult Minister & Small Groups Director at Snellville United Methodist Church in metro Atlanta, growing their Sunday School and Bible study groups from less than 300 people to over a thousand people per week. Robin was also an author for NavPress, helping write curriculum for Adult Sunday School.

During her time at Snellville UMC, God gave Robin a heart for churches that were feeling defeated or struggling with adult ministries. After leaving the church, she launched A242 Consulting, Inc. to help other churches strengthen and grow their adult ministries.

Robin knows firsthand that ministry can be difficult. It is critical to build a team of leaders that are called, vulnerable and real. She says that our job as ministry leaders is to provide our leaders with support and training so that they are equipped to do their ministry with excellence.

In addition to serving with Resilient Faith Project, Robin is on staff as Connections Director at Douglasville First Methodist Church in metro Atlanta. She has been married to Eddie for 31 years. They are blessed with a grown daughter, two grown sons, and 4 amazing grandchildren.

Robin is available to speak at retreats, conferences, and events. She also offers training for small group leaders and adult ministries. For more information, please contact us.

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