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The Lord has given us a vision to own a house in the NE Georgia mountains that can be used as a small retreat center for people in ministry. This is something that we have been seeking God’s direction for since 2020. Over the last few months the Lord has made it clear that it is time to begin working towards this dream He has given us.


We envision a home on water where people could reconnect with the Lord in a beautiful and peaceful setting. The property would include an apartment or guest house to host missionaries and church staff who need a time of rest and renewal. It would also have space where we could hold retreats, workshops, and other events to pour into those serving in ministry, as well as a studio for podcasting and creating ministry resources.


The name God has given us for this place is Shalom House.

While the Hebrew word shalom is traditionally translated as “peace,” the full meaning of the concept is so much more than that. It takes about 12 English words to convey the true meaning of shalom, which is more accurately translated as “whole and complete, lacking nothing.”


That is the vision God has given us for Shalom House - that He would use it to heal those who are serving Him and bring them into wholeness.

May the mountains bring shalom to the people

and the hills, righteousness.

Psalm 72:3 (CSB)

The Lord desires for His people to be whole and complete, lacking nothing and we want to partner with Him in that endeavor.​


Some ways that we envision doing that is by offering:

  • Weekly stays for missionaries and ministry leaders

  • Overnight and one-day retreats

  • Workshops and trainings

  • Worship events

  • Support groups

  • Coaching for individuals and couples

small-group-network-rhNhMas0Kr8-unsplash (1).jpg

This is just the tip of the iceberg and we are excited for what the Lord has planned! Please pray with us about the next steps to take as we trust God to make this dream He has given us a reality.


If you feel like God may be stirring you to get involved with bringing this vision into fruition, we would love to talk to you. Please reach out to us at


Thank you for your prayers and support as we move forward In faith!


By the river on its bank, on one side and on the other, will grow all kinds of trees for food.

Their leaves will not wither and their fruit will not fail.

They will bear every month because their water flows from the sanctuary, and their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing.

Ezekiel 47:12 (NASB)

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