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Resurrecting the Dream

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Six years ago today, we received the visas that would allow us to move to Italy as missionaries. We had waited so long and worked so hard that this moment felt euphoric! Little did we know then how things would turn out. When we moved back to the States in defeat and brokenness (read that story here), I buried the dream God had given me in a deep, dark place never to be seen again. Or so I thought.

But I forgot that we serve a God who likes to raise things from the dead, even dreams that seem far past the point of resurrection. Last November, God told me to roll the stone aside on the dream that I had buried and see what He would do. Since then doors have been opening in Italy that I would have never even thought to knock on.

What started out as skeptical hope has transformed into amazement as I have watched the Lord work. Just this week, my dead-and-buried dream has come stumbling out of the grave, full of life and possibilities! I've yet to see it in full, but it's there - living and breathing, still shrouded in grave clothes and mystery. Slowly, God is unraveling the strips of cloth to reveal the resurrected version of the dream He gave me over a decade ago.

God knew all along that He and I would go on this journey together and arrive at this place outside the tomb of my dream. He has been my constant companion while I battled grief and despair as my dream and life turned to ashes. But over the last few years, He exchanged those ashes for beauty, as He healed my heart and restored my family.

The Lord is still revealing His plan, but I will follow Him through any door that He opens. Through this process, I have learned that He is fully trustworthy! So I will watch God peel away the grave clothes of this dream with expectation, knowing that He finishes everything that He starts. As the full picture becomes clear, I will share more.

Thanks for all your love and prayers on this journey!

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